The Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith.jpg

by Augustine Tan

How much can a person endure emotionally? He can only withstand so much before giving in, admitting through gritted teeth that he had failed miserably. As such, it takes a lot of will in order for an awake person to remain composed in the presence of those who perpetuate this false reality, who would rather live in blissful denial than come to terms with the truth. How long can this charade called “life” continue on in this state, with rampant corruption and utter dishonesty? Few, perhaps none, would dare answer such a question.

The awake person, having the knowledge to discern fact from fiction, might suppress himself from pointing out the childish fallacies of those still asleep. Over time, he grows weary of playing along with the illusion and tries to reach out, to no avail. Very few would listen to his views, fewer would understand them. Keeping most of his thoughts to himself, the awake person does whatever he sees fit to maintain his sanity. Occasionally, he hints to his peers about what he knows, sowing the seeds necessary to help them, even though he knows that most of his efforts will be in vain.

How he wishes others could see the bigger picture! If only people could open their eyes and crawl out of the hole they had dug for themselves! Alas, they are too occupied with meaningless things and simple partial truths. They would not take the time to research and figure out the complete insanity that has come upon the human race. Sometimes, the awake person feels as if the task at hand is too overwhelming, too daunting for him, to the point that it drives him into depression. However, knowing that this task is never finished, he goes on to do his best to spread the truth.

If one was given the choice to take the leap of faith and leave behind the things that do not benefit him, would he do it if his sanity depended on it? There is nothing better for an awake person than to liberate himself from the constraints that has once held him and move on. True freedom stems from a desire to seek it, for those who are slaves are idle to seek their freedom. Once the mind is free from worldly influences, then and only then can the individual find redemption and strive towards a greater purpose.


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