Suppression of the Mind

Suppression of the mind.jpg

by Augustine Tan

The semi-conscious mind is easily influenced. To dictate the standards and boundaries of the mind is to control the individual, forcing the individual to accept without question a fixed set of behaviours that are expected of him or her. To persuade the mind to desire unnecessary things is to lure the individual to seek pleasure but never find true satisfaction. To be able to exploit the weaknesses of the mind is to profit from the individual who is oblivious to the fact that he or she is being exploited, sucking the life out of the individual until he or she is nothing more than an obedient slave.

Technology has simplified the work and effort required of everyday tasks. Instant gratification is the rule-of-thumb in this day and age, causing individuals to become lazier and have shorter attention spans. The mind would not need to expend too much energy on anything, for almost everything has been made in such a way to maximize comfort and reduce any unwanted hassle. Or so it is believed.

As the system continues to feed the mind with prepackaged answers and solutions, it punishes those who oppose or reject it. The system rewards those who uphold its “principles” and “ideals”, using them as examples for the rest of the populace. Following suit, other individuals align their aspirations in order to emulate these “exemplary individuals”, often at the cost of defining success in their own terms. By the time these individuals achieve their goals, they will soon realize that the outcome is a far cry from what they had envisioned.

The mind’s true potential has been compromised by those in power. The elite only want compliant individuals who mindlessly go about their lives without questioning authority. The mind that is free from suppression will go against most, if not all, of the elite’s plans for humanity, for the individual with a free mind has the right conscience to understand that the elite only do things for their own gain.

A free mind is able to discover, create and develop exponentially. The free mind can attain its full potential if the individual wishes to do so. Realizing the pure and true intentions that were once hidden by a clouded conscience prior to the awakening is a liberating experience. Putting ideas into action, the individual is able to think more clearly and create his own path where he is in full control.


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