Waking Up is a Choice

Waking Up is a Choice.jpg

by Augustine Tan

The only way forward is to wake up. As much as it is within the interest of the majority to continue their relentless pursuit of higher ideals, they will go nowhere if they continue with the status quo. The unsustainable nature of the current paradigm must be fully realized in order for individuals to take action and change the course of humanity. However, this cannot be done if the majority refuses to have a reality check.

Waking up is a voluntary act. Nobody can force an individual to face the truth, because doing so is counterproductive. The individual must have a desire to face the truth, to have the courage to discard long-held beliefs that do not benefit anyone, including himself. He will have to examine all the lies, misconceptions and fallacies that have prevented him from realizing the truth, and see them for what they really are: tools of mental enslavement.

Choosing to wake up is only half the battle. The individual who only just woke up is extremely vulnerable, and as such needs to rely on his critical thinking to understand his current situation and receive proper guidance from others who are awake. This is extremely important as he can potentially be led astray by those claiming to have “answers”. He must learn from other awake individuals about the true reality of this world before he is able to find his own footing.

There can be no turning back after the individual chooses to wake up. The probability of falling back to sleep is high if the individual does not have the will to persevere and look beyond the cloak of confusion. The fact the majority is still asleep is enough to make the awake wonder the breadth and scope of humanity’s self-imposed deception. Once the awake individual accepts his obligation to seek the truth, he will only grow from thereon and be an example for those who are still asleep.


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