by Augustine Tan 

Some of the greatest deceptions often come in the form that we least expect. The perception of innocence and meekness of certain people often causes us to lower our guard, accepting without a single doubt that they are harmless. A simple smile, a charming word or two, physical attractiveness and other misleading actions or characteristics lure us into their being, bewitching us, urging us to admire and idolize them. The deceiver may or may not be aware of their seduction, but nevertheless use their traits to their advantage.

Celebrities are the main deceivers in this paradigm. Actors and artistes were once people of the arts, bringing inspiration and awe to the films or songs they produced. Most of the actors and artistes of today influence the masses with toxic ideas, leading astray the vulnerable ones and corrupting their souls. The fans of these celebrities worship them like gods, showing their support by showering them with money.

Forget the rich and famous for once. Look instead at the friends and family around us. If we truly trust the people close to us, we would know that they would do no harm to us no matter what. To those who we are acquainted with, who we know little of, we should learn to keep our distance from them, until we can be absolutely certain that they can be trusted. People will take advantage of one another under the guise of familiarity, taking but giving back little in return.

The wolf in sheep’s clothing prowls among the sheep, acting like the sheep to the point that the sheep think that the wolf is one of their number. When the time is ripe, the wolf pounces upon his first victim, wreaking havoc among the flock. By the time the sheep realize what had happened, the wolf had long fled and they had lost a handful of their own kind.

The superficial reality that we perceive with our own eyes is little more than a show, full of actors and props upon a large, elaborate stage. To go beyond this reality and understand the beauty within each person is to find the truth that is hidden among the deceivers, liars and con artists of our paradigm.


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