No More Nonsense


by Augustine Tan

I have had enough.

The things that are going around me are so distant from reality, so disconnected from what I perceive, that I want to get away from it all. Annoying “modern” music, the shallowness of the asleep, meaningless online content and so much more are causing me to sigh and look away in disdain. How did we get to this point? Why are we doing all of this?

Amusing Ourselves to Death, a book by the late Niel Postman describes the worrying trend of people becoming addicted to entertainment during the television era. I would say that this trend has only gotten worse with the rise of the Internet. There is simply too much nonsense to go around, and the truth often gets drowned in a sea of irrelevance. On the other hand, if it were not for the Internet, I would not have woken up. There is still a lot of valuable information just waiting for us to uncover, but that doesn’t help since Google now ranks search results based on “truthfulness”.

As I lay in bed before getting up earlier this morning, I asked myself, Who am I? No answer came to me. I have been thinking too much these past few days. Not to say that this is a bad thing, but somehow these episodes of deep self-reflection often come at an important part of my life. Somehow, as “important” as these times are, they pale in comparison to the mission that I have determined myself to embark – exposing the lies of the world. Even so, I still have reservations when it comes to waking up my asleep friends and family.

“Too much of anything is bad for you.” Could this be a misleading generalization? Of course, too much nonsense will only make you dumber. But are there any drawbacks of knowing too much truth? I suppose that there are many drawbacks, particularly in respect to dangerous truths that nobody wants to confront for fear of being hated, or worse, killed. But let’s think of it differently. Perhaps knowing too much truth will help us to counter the nonsense and lies that this world presents us with.


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