Cognitive Dissonance

Cognitive Dissonance.jpg

by Augustine Tan

People’s denial to seek the truth, perpetuated by lies propagated through the mainstream media, results in them being blissfully ignorant of the reality of the world. The awake know better than to believe any word that comes out of a news anchor’s mouth, let alone a politician’s. Whether or not one argues upon the fruition of either Orwell’s totalitarian government or Huxley’s pleasure-induced nightmare, one thing is clear: waking up is no easy feat.

When one hears the word ‘conspiracy theory’, his mind instantly shuts off, for in his perception a conspiracy theory is nothing more than a made-up story attempting to explain something relatively straight-forward. He has been conditioned to believe that none of these theories can be trusted, no matter how probable they may sound. Ignoring any gut-feeling whatsoever, he continues on with his life as if nothing was wrong in the first place.

Cognitive dissonance: the closing of the mind to anything contrary to what it believes. I have explored a similar theme in one of my earlier blog posts, The Bubbles of Reality. Needless to say, people would rather live in an illusion, for fear of it being exposed as completely fake. They turn to the “official story” of events and pay attention to the incoherent storyline being played out in front of them, never questioning its validity.

Somehow, something will get through to the closed mind. The minute one questions something that seems to be a lie, he begins a quest to find answers. Those answers will not be apparent at first, but slowly, surely, he will find them, provided he puts in the effort. No amount of knowledge will prepare him for the awakening that awaits him once he has been through it all.

Is it worth it to wake up? The answer is yes. Even though the awake must bear the fact that those around them are still asleep, they need to do whatever it takes to wake others up. They might loose a friend or two, tarnish existing relationships or even make a few enemies along the way, but nothing will compare to getting people in on the struggle for the truth.


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