The Greater Good

The Greater Good

by Augustine Tan

How many times I have been forced to remain silent in my effort to expose the truth? Countless times, perhaps. It is only natural that people have selective hearing: there are simply too many ideas out there, many of which are either too lame or too absurd for the mind to comprehend. The deep-rooted social conditioning, the belief in divisions and differences and the nullification of the brain’s true potential all contribute to the dumbing-down of society, producing infantile people incapable of independent thought.

One’s perception on the truth is influenced by what he already knows. There cannot be further exploration of a topic without prior knowledge that such a topic exists. In simpler terms, we will never understand anything of something we don’t know. In order to know something, we must “listen” – and by this I mean not just literally listening to what others say, but through reading and observation. One must find a balance when it comes to listening. When we refuse to listen, we loose the opportunity to learn something new. Yet, when we are too willing to listen, we may end up learning an infinite deal of nothing.

The moment we are exposed to a new information, there are three ways to handle it: accept it without question, reject it completely, or take it with skepticism. One must be careful with the information he receives, for it will greatly impact his attitudes towards the subject matter. The only safest way to believe any of the information is to back it up with evidence and research, something most of the asleep have no time for, as they are more occupied by their daily distractions. Left with little time, most of the asleep turn to mainstream media as a means to obtain news, unaware of the propaganda being sown into their consciousness.

The awake must stop at nothing for the greater good. We have seen Edward Snowden fleeing his own country after exposing the US government’s secretive mass surveillance on the American public. Snowden was lucky: there are many others who spoke the truth and were persecuted for it. The elite don’t want people who can think for themselves; they need the asleep to continue running their unsustainable paradigm. The rest of the awake have to make up their minds: either to continue serving the system and do nothing, or stand up against the tyranny and strive for the greater good of humanity.


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