The Bubbles of Reality

Bubbles of Reality.jpg

by Augustine Tan

The mind is a powerful tool. Its sense of perception towards external circumstances varies from person to person, allowing for infinite interpretations on a single event. Creativity thrives on this ambiguity, dissecting and playing around with it until it is rendered unrecognizable. Truth, however, cannot be subjected to this, for there is only one version of truth. Facts associated with this truth is often twisted, manipulating others’ thoughts on the truth itself, causing misconceptions from disinformation.

As such, the mind is able to create a “bubble” that surrounds a person. This bubble contains abstract concept and ideas floating about like dust particles, which the person is familiar with. Any contrary concept or idea is immediately rejected by the bubble, bouncing off its surface and drifting off into the unknown. Even if the bubble accepts a new concept or idea, it often does so with reservations.

The awake individual knows that his bubble – his only protection from the outside world – has long been popped. He observes the actions of those around him, noticing their complete denial of the true reality of the world. Whenever he is forced to talk to them regarding these issues, he cringes at their lack of understanding. Tired of their shallowness, he turns to other awake individuals to share his knowledge, provided he is acquainted with one.

The individual is able to look at ideas for their value and credibility, for his only defense – the bubble – has long vanished. He is no longer bound by his biases, for he knows the bigger picture. Forbidden ideas such as “conspiracy theories” become interesting to him, for he realizes the underlying truth among the lies and deceit.

Are not most people living in their own bubble they call reality? But what is reality? Can there be several abstract realities present in one physical reality? There can be only one reality; the rest are mere illusions from those who are disillusioned by their long-held thoughts and beliefs.


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