Staying Sane

Staying Sane.jpg

by Augustine Tan

The awake individual who decides to choose his own path instead of following the crowd is faced with many dilemmas. For one, he cares about his asleep loved ones, but acknowledges the fact that they themselves must wake up in their own time. Not only that, he must endure a mental ostracism of sorts, whereby the people around him grow cold and distant as they are increasingly unable to relate to him. Finally, he must remain sane around those who have nearly lost all sanity and succumbed to worldly things.

The ridiculous nature of the current paradigm can only be fully realized by the individual. This paradigm was built on collectivism, full of followers but very few genuine leaders, as most of the leaders are members of the corrupt elite. Propaganda is used as a tool to manipulate public opinion, without people ever realizing it on a conscious level. The individual recognizes this, as he knows the dangers of subliminal messages and the power of suggestion.

Trends and fashion dictate the unnecessary obsessions of those too concerned with being admired and idolized. Like a dragnet, most people become carried away with these trivialities, unaware that they have fallen into a trap. Those who stand to benefit from all of this have all the reasons to laugh at their naivety.

Staying sane in an insane world is the basic goal of the individual. He can only help others so much as he watches them amuse themselves pointlessly and engage in activities that would only cause them to inflict harm on themselves. He will remain steadfast on his values, never giving in to any temptation that may be presented to him. As he sees the world slowly descend into chaos, he will calmly walk away with the understanding that it was all too predictable, for he saw beyond the veil that had once fooled him.


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