What it Means to Have Meaning

Meaning of Life

by Augustine Tan

The value a person puts on life varies at different stages in his own life. There are times when he cherishes it, embracing every moment as if he could never let go. Then there are times when he wastes it, taking everything for granted as he stumbles blindly in his drunkenness. As he carries on with his life, there is a possibility that he may stop and think about the meaning of life itself.

When one thinks about life, it is often associated with numerous analogies that seem to reflect reality. In truth, however, life is more complicated. How often do we jump for joy when things turn out right? How often do we sigh and stare into space, stressed about the things that don’t matter? How often do we lock ourselves away from others, refusing to seek help in our darkest moments? These events are uncountable by any standards, and their meaning only known by the person experiencing them.

To have meaning in a seemingly meaningless world is something to be cherished. People need meaning to motivate and drive them to achieve desired goals. To some, success is what gives meaning to their lives, but what would they do in order to attain that sense of success? They might as well continually succeed in everything to perfection, which is, ultimately, impossible. Others feel that relationships with fellow human beings is what gives them meaning, but when they are forced to be alone, how will they cope? Many turn to religion to seek this meaning, but what happens when they find out that their faith is false? Finally, there are those who seek meaning in knowing the truth, who will stop at nothing to expose the wrongdoings of those in power.

Honesty will always be the best policy. Argue all you want, but truth is objective and not subjective. The truth will give us meaning, helping us find our purpose amidst worldly deceptions. There is no meaning in believing that our lives have meaning when we are not true to ourselves. It is only by understanding the nature of real truth that we can find real meaning.


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