A Person as an Individual

The individual.jpg

by Augustine Tan

A person is an object, a collection of abstract qualities that form an identity, which manifests itself in daily interactions. In theory, at least. That is how I would define it in technical terms. Strip away any impressions and the person is nothing more than a stranger. We treat the people we know based on our limited perception of them, which can lead to biases and misunderstandings.

It is hard to tell if the person is acting in a particular way for a reason. We are driven by motives, making decisions that would best suit our goals and aspirations. Sometimes, the temptation to be someone we are not is overwhelming, causing us to divert from our true selves and live another identity. This is especially true when we succumb to peer pressure or try to make up for our low self-esteem.

An individual is one who is true to himself. He does not seek others to prove his self-worth, nor does he do things that are contrary to his beliefs. He is steadfast in the face of adversity, preferring to find his own solutions to problems. If necessary, he will lead by example, showing others that only by being one with yourself, can you achieve your highest potential.

A person is not an individual if he follows the collective to the letter. There must be traits that set him apart from the rest, traits that defy every stereotype.

The individual cannot be narcissistic or individualistic. He must be humble enough to acknowledge his own shortcomings and do his best in important matters. There is no point of loving oneself to the point of selfishness.

In our upside-down world, the individual often get suppressed by the collective persons. Despite the hardships, the individual will learn to carve his own path and find his ultimate destiny.


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