This is the Beginning…


by Augustine Tan

What am I really doing here? I stumbled in delusion for far too long, struggling to find the truth. But what is truth? Among all the religions promoted in the world, can any of them be right? As much as I believe in God, I sometimes wonder my ultimate purpose in life. I do not hold any of the answers, but hopefully something is brought to light through these words.

At least I am awake.

As I continue down this lonely path, with only a few people here and there to support me, I have to learn to brave the hardships that come with knowing the ugly reality of the world. Here, I will write some of the thoughts that I will not dare tell my family, my relatives or my friends. I suppose I have got to start somehow.

You the reader will never know me. Neither will I ever know you. We are strangers, divided by distance and time. Who knows how long until this post gets its first view. I don’t care how much criticism or taunts I receive from shills and trolls online, so long as I remain composed in an insane world.

It begins here. A new chapter waiting to unfold.


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